Pamela Richardson - Communications, Arts, Services

So many hats, so little time for this Chicago-based writer and artist.

My primary business is corporate communications writing and editing. I have worked with large corporations, small businesses, and individualsbringing my passion for clear, concise writing to everything from proposals to academia.

I’m also an experienced house- and pet-sitter. Enjoy your time away, knowing that your house and precious companions are in good hands! I grew up with dogs, and I now live with one dog, five cats, and three chickens. I bring plenty of critter love to your home.

Speaking of pets, how about a portrait of your furry/feathered friend? Perhaps a pencil sketch, or something in charcoal, watercolor, pastels, or oils. See Artwork for samples.

“If music be the food of love, play on,” wrote William Shakespeare. As a singer songwriter, it’s been my pleasure and great fortune to sing and play with more talented musicians than I can list here.

My creative writing endeavors have led to an unforgettable Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference ... an inspiring Words and Music Literary Festival in New Orleans ... and seeing a recipe published in a cookbook alongside selections from TV icons such as Rose Marie, Deana Martin, Dawn Wells, Susan Olsen, and Karen Valentine.

It’s a challenge, so many hats in such a windy city. But I love a challenge. And, as anyone who knows me will tell you, I love hats.

Let’s rock!